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Our mission is to work in collaboration with like-minded individuals to bring about world peace and prosperity.  We are striving for a world where peace prevails, the best interest of humanity is always the priority in every decision made, human rights are honored, and what is best for the environment globally is what’s done. 

Our vision is to live in a world in which values of human rights, tolerance, peace & prosperity are a global priority, and always a reality.

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Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy

Soldiers in Street

A Model for Humanity

The Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, as articulated by Messiah International Foundation, draws parallels between the natural order of leadership in the animal kingdom, particularly within lion prides, and the responsibilities of leaders in human society. This philosophy encompasses the 95%, 4%, and 1% model, each representing different roles and responsibilities within the leadership hierarchy.

95% Philosophy:

The 95% in the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy represents the majority, or the whole population of people in society. These people contribute to the general well-being of the group and are the foundation of communities. The allusion to the lion pride would apply to most of the pride’s members, as each is essential to the group’s existence and daily operations.

4% Philosophy:

The 4% of the 95% is a chosen group that strives for greatness and perfection. The 4% of people in society are compared to leaders who oversee the security and welfare of their communities, taking their cue from the strongest and most competent lions heading the pride. These people are the epitome of leadership; they dedicate their lives to making their communities and the wider world better. The 4% of lions in the animal realm ensure the survival of their pride by acting as providers and guardians.

1% Philosophy:

The 1% philosophy mirrors the idea of lion leaders who take on the responsibility of protecting and leading their pride. In the human context, this philosophy aligns with Messiah International Foundation’s mission to bring strong, responsible leadership to human society. The 1% leaders, or Lion Pride Leaders, take on the role of safeguarding the majority, leading by example, and ensuring the safety and prosperity of all. It emphasizes a selfless devotion to the welfare of the entire planet, reflecting the True Essence of Spirituality and serving as a Litmus Test of a Humanitarian Ideology vs. an Anti-Humanity Philosophy.

1% Leaders exemplify Lion Pride Leadership’s spirit:

1. The Humanitarian Legacy of Abdul Sattar Edhi: Born in 1928, the renowned Pakistani humanitarian started the Edhi Foundation, providing basic assistance to the needy. A global icon of compassion, his unselfish devotion and humanity inspired others to adopt empathy and humanitarian beliefs across political and religious barriers.

2. Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl, fought against Taliban brutality and advocated for girls’ education rights. After a violent onslaught, she became stronger and heard worldwide. Many were inspired by Malala’s resilience to embrace education and empathy.

3. Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian peace campaigner and Nobel Peace Laureate, galvanized women against civil war violence. Unwavering determination led to peace discussions and conflict resolution. She shows the power of solidarity and the will to fight oppression.

4. Defending Women’s Rights: Leyla Hussein, a British-born Somali psychologist, fights against FGM and promotes women’s rights. Her organization empowers survivors and educates communities, exposing harmful customs and promoting change.

Lion Pride Leadership at Messiah International Foundation:

Messiah International Foundation, established by Dr. Daniel Shane S. Davidson, is deeply rooted in the spiritual ethos of the “1-For-All Philosophy.” This foundational philosophy serves as the guiding principle for the organization’s mission, principles, and vision for a harmonious world. The Lion Pride Leadership concept, derived from the natural order observed in lion prides, is seamlessly woven into the fabric of Messiah International Foundation’s values and actions.

1-For-All Philosophy: At the heart of Messiah International Foundation’s ethos is the “1-For-All Philosophy,” a spiritual principle that advocates for selfless devotion to the welfare of the entire planet. This way of thinking emphasizes a shared responsibility for the welfare of all people, transcending individual concerns. It is a call to action for people and leaders to put aside their own interests and put in endless effort for the sake of the whole community.

Childhood Development and Responsibility: A significant aspect of Messiah International Foundation’s commitment to the “1-For-All Philosophy” lies in their approach to childhood development. The foundation believes in raising children to become individuals who inherently feel a deep responsibility towards the well-being of the entire planet. This proactive approach to instilling a sense of global responsibility from a young age aligns with the Lion Pride Leadership model, where the concept of leadership is ingrained in individuals as they grow.

The “1-For-All Philosophy” forms the bedrock of Messiah International Foundation’s mission. The foundation sees a future in which global peace is an unavoidable reality rather than merely an ideal. Their goal is to create a future where the earth and all of its different people live in perpetual wellness, which transcends conventional ideas of charity. Through their work, the foundation seeks to inspire leaders who embody the Lion Pride Leadership qualities, leading with strength, responsibility, and authority for the greater good.

Embracing the Lion Pride Philosophy: A Call to Action!

The values of responsibility, love, and thankfulness are highly valued in the Lion Pride Philosophy. It calls on people to come out of the shadows, face the pain, and take concrete steps to make the world a better place. It is a mindset that perfectly captures the spirit of the 1% Leaders:

  1. Gratitude in Adversity: Gratitude is what the 1% Leaders turn to when faced with hardship. Despite how little life has to offer, they are grateful for it and use that thankfulness to fuel their perseverance. In the worst of times, they cling to the hope that goodness and compassion will triumph.
  1. Love as a Catalyst for Change: According to the Lion Pride Leadership concept, love is a dynamic force that is shown via deeds rather than remaining inert. The 1% Leaders believe that love is a powerful driver for change. They love everyone and everything without conditions, including their families, communities, and the entire human race. Their unwavering commitment to eradicating violence, injustice, and hatred from the globe is strengthened by this unconditional love.
  2. Responsibility Beyond Borders: The Lion Pride Leaders are aware that their responsibilities go well beyond only ensuring their own well-being. They see themselves as defenders of justice, custodians of peace, and global citizens. They take it upon themselves to combat oppression, speak up for the voiceless, and promote understanding in the face of ignorance.

Transcending Differences for Global Harmony: Messiah International Foundation’s dedication to the “1-For-All Philosophy” is reflected in their active pursuit of transcending differences for global harmony. The foundation recognizes the diversity present in the global community and strives to bridge gaps, fostering unity and understanding. The Lion Pride Leadership concept becomes a practical guide in this pursuit, as leaders are encouraged to emulate the protective and guiding role of lion leaders in preserving the harmony of their pride.

In essence, Messiah International Foundation’s Lion Pride Leadership is not merely a theoretical concept but a lived philosophy that shapes their organizational culture, programs, and interactions. It is a call to individuals, leaders, and communities to embrace a selfless devotion to the welfare of the entire planet, paving the way for a future where world peace and wellness are not just ideals but a shared reality for all.

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