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Our mission is to work in collaboration with like-minded individuals to bring about world peace and prosperity.  We are striving for a world where peace prevails, the best interest of humanity is always the priority in every decision made, human rights are honored, and what is best for the environment globally is what’s done. 

Our vision is to live in a world in which values of human rights, tolerance, peace & prosperity are a global priority, and always a reality.

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About Us

Messiah International Foundation was Established in 1998 to Collaboratively Bring about World Peace & Prosperity!

Messiah International Foundation’s founder, Dr. Daniel Davidson, has sought solutions for problems that have faced humanity for decades.

Seeking Answers to

Profound Questions

Why do some “antihumanitarian” individuals lead others to harm a community of people, while another group of “humanitarian” individuals fight for the best interest of humanity, defending them against the actions of “antihumanitarian” group?

Important role of Lion Pride Leaders

It is our strong belief that if we develop enough leaders in our world who develop the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy within themselves, and adhere to its principles, while they teach it to the next generations as well, we will witness a massive shift in consciousness in our world, and we will reach a state of global peace and prosperity on our planet. Together, we will conquer the human catastrophes such as wars, famine, hunger, homelessness and all human sufferings, and we will heal our world.

Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy

The “Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy” that we endorse is exemplified by a lion pride’s largest alpha male, who leads the pride and feels responsible for the entire lion pride’s welfare. He feels responsible for every individual lion living within that pride, protecting the entire territory, as well as the pride’s future and its propagation. This sense of responsibility and leadership is programmed within the Lion Pride Leader within its core through its DNA, and our belief is that it can also be acquired by us humans, as responsible, intelligent, long-sighted leaders.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Work With Like-Minded Individuals to Bring About World Peace and Prosperity.


Get Involved

Join the Lion Pride Army to Empower others to become Lion Pride Leaders by Assumption of Responsibility for the Entire Pride and the World.



Participate in: 1. Peace Center Prayers 2. Communication Facilities' Events 3. Peace Seminars 4. Workshops for Change 5. Cultural Exchange Events 6. Peace Walks & Demonstrations 7. Collaborative Initiatives 8. Community Outreach 9. Peaceful Conversations & Meetings

Messiah International Foundation has served as a beacon of hope and transformation since 1998, amid a world of violence, misery, and apathy. Our organization is dedicated to spreading Lion Pride Leadership philosophy worldwide to achieve world peace & prosperity.

The Four Categories of Individuals

After decades of self-exploration, extensive academic study, research, and profound introspection, Dr. Daniel Davidson identified his calling in life as a desire to collaborate with like-minded individuals who wish to contribute to bringing about world peace, and prosperity to the world. He has been able to identify certain patterns of behavior specific to four groups of individuals in the society. He has noticed that these  human behaviors include but are not limited to tolerance, love, greed, leadership, competition, violence, among many others. 

Education, and Communication for Peace

Our programs are designed to promote the Lion Pride Philosophy which is representation of our dedication to international peace, tolerance, and understanding. We believe that peace can be developed by education and communication.

Compassion, Empathy and Understanding as a Guide

Our programs are designed to promote the concepts of compassion, empathy and understanding. “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!”  This key principle brings people together, and fosters bonds of love and friendship.

Courage to Challenge Injustice & Foster Responsibility

Our programs encourage the development of the sense of accountability and responsibility to question the motives of the authority, identifying injustice when it is present, and developing the courage to face this injustice head-on if necessary. Being a Lion Pride Leader requires the courage to confront injustice, speak truth to power, and defend the defenseless.

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OUR Core Beliefs

Messiah International Foundation is a Humanitarian Organization Committed to Global Peace and Prosperity. We know that most people are well-intentioned and want a peaceful life without unnecessary struggles. We stand as Lion Pride Leaders committed to protect our pride! Our pride being the whole of humanity, and our territory is the globe.

The Four Category of Individuals Defined:

In the tapestry of humanity, where threads of good and evil weave together, a profound truth emerged, and Dr. Daniel Davidson theorized that in this vast world, there exist four distinct types of people, each carving their own paths through life!

While majority of the population of the world, perhaps about 95% of people, may wish to live day-to-day, generally wish to live a life of convenience. They prefer a safe life, with a job, promise of retirement with minimal risk, and a security provided by the government and the leadership. They enjoy entertainment, the social media, sports, watch the news channels, and are uninvolved in the political, legal or major occurrences around them. They obtain their information from the social media and the channels that are affiliated with various political or otherwise dependent parties (“sold-out media”), hence are influenced by the opinion of others, following those with the loudest voices and most convincing lies, usually being swayed by the media and the agendas of those who influence the media (“sold-out media”) and news channels that spread the cooked up news stories that various interest groups who pay for the news segments, demanding their points of views and interests be presented in a news story format in such way as to present them as the indisputable truth (‘fake news”).

Beside the 95%, about 4% of people in the society may feel unsatisfied with the comfortable, easy, safe life. They like the feelings of setting a seemingly difficult yet inspiring goals, the excitement of striving for its achievement, the hard work , the challenges and the struggles that are involved in achieving them. To achieve their goal, they are willing to do almost anything, work hard, overcome challenges, compete, push themselves, others to their limits and demand more than average output. They usually end-up being the managers, directors and the leaders,

Among this 4% there are two groups. The Humanitarian Leaders, and the group that Dr. Daniel Davidson has called Anti-Humanitarian Group.

Half of the 4%, work honestly and diligently in their society. remain committed to being the best they can be, they remain goal oriented and push themselves and others around them to achieve the maximum possible, hence by their hard work, this 2% are contributing to the 95% as a group of “Humanitarian Leaders”, serving the 95% by being their leaders in societal, philanthropic, charity, military, political, governmental arena. They are the ones that create the safe environment that the 95% seek to live in.

On the other hand, the “Anti-Humanitarian Leaders” are the other 2%, while they are similar in their relentless pursuit of success and achievement, and may even be working among the other 2%, the “Humanitarian Leaders”, and they may be extremely difficult to tell apart from their counterparts. They also remain committed to being the best they can be, they remain goal oriented and push themselves and others around them to achieve the maximum possible. By their hard work, they try to achieve their goals, accomplish what they have set their minds to and get ahead. However, this 2% are different in certain ways from their Humanitarian counterparts. They may become so motivated to get ahead, so driven, achievement oriented, so extremely committed to their goals that they may adopt certain values that compromises their ethics. To achieve their intended outcomes, they may choose to do whatever it takes, regardless of its humanitarian, ethical or even legal consequences.  

This has almost always been the reality of the

world. The Anti-Humanitarian 2% make the types of rules, regulations, decisions, laws, choices for the 95% that has been in some way not to the best interest of the 95%, but instead to the interest of those groups who are paying the bills behind the scenes, (turning the Anti-Humans into “Government-Puppets”! The same ones who also control the “Sold-Out Media” and the “Fake News” and almost always to the benefit of themselves and the expense of the rest. 

On the other hand, when the Anti-Humanitarian Leaders’ level of cruelty, inhumanity and abuse of power reaches the levels that the innocent are being subjected to unfair treatments, suffering, torture, and pain, eventually those rare leaders emerge, who although deal with their own humanness and imperfections, they choose to not be like the rest. 

They are the rare few, less that 1% of the population of the society. They are rarest of individuals, embodying the spirit of the Lion Pride Leader. Much like the leader of a lion pride, that leads and protects his pride and feels responsible for the welfare of all the members of his pride, these individuals have an innate feeling of care and responsibility towards other individuals in the society enlarge. They care about others to such a degree that just like a Lion Pride Leader would, they may endanger their own lives to defend and protect others. Their leadership is often for the sake of the 99%, and rarely for their own interest alone. They possess qualities that set them apart. They are invisible to the ordinary eye, as they often seem like everyone else, yet their impact resonates across generations.

Uncommon, extraordinary “1%-Lion-Pride Leaders”, exemplify compassion, wisdom, and honesty. They rise above the world’s darkness and instability out of a deep sense of responsibility, accountability, and love for others. These leaders, at their own risk, do what is right for the sake of others and make a difference, changing the history. While they are less than 1% of the population of the society, they are those rare individuals who have the courage, the spirit and the fortitude to stand up for the good of the rest, for what they feel is right and for humanity. These individuals, though a minuscule fraction of the population, are the torchbearers of compassion, wisdom, and unwavering moral integrity. Their existence is a testament to the power of goodness, for he benefit of the world, in a world where the 2%, Anti-Humanitarian Leaders wield their influence with cruelty, manipulation and brute force, convincing others of their philosophies and way of life as being the truth; and in the process of their leadership, they nearly lead the world into darkness, chaos and bloodshed, risking the occurrence a global war, World War III, after which they would be leaving almost nothing but devastation in their wake.

“1-For-All Philosophy”, represents the concept of selfless devotion of one person to the welfare of the entire planet. “1-For-All Philosophy” is The True Essence of Spirituality, and its “The Litmus Test of a Humanitarian Ideology vs. an Anti-Humanity Philosophy”! A leader who is a proponent of this philosophy, is devoted to the welfare of the the Whole Planet, while on the contrary, a leader who is encouraging the ideology of hatred, war and destruction, by our definition would be classified as “Anti-Humanity”!  “1% Leaders” are those leaders who follow the “1-For-All Philosophy”. We call this “Lion Pride Leadership”. Just as a lion pride leader, leads and protects his entire pride, these leaders too lead and protect their entire pride (“the whole”) with strength, responsibility, and authority.

Get Involved

Join the Lion Pride Army! Encourage Others also to Become Lion Pride Leaders! Our World Would be a Much Better Place When We All Feel Responsible for the Welfare of Each Other, and That of Our Planet, Wouldn’t It?

Our Promise


Messiah International Foundation is a steadfast supporter of the Lion Pride Leadership philosophy which is based on the values of responsibility for the whole, promotion of loving others as oneself, and relentless collaborative action towards global peace & prosperity. Every person, in our opinion, has the capacity to become a “1% – Lion Pride Leader.” The collaborative action of the Lion Pride Leaders, globally will create a Lion Pride Army, which will be a force for good. Can you imagine the force of millions of individuals who wholeheartedly feel committed to the best interest of the entire population of the planet, and the entire world? Can you imagine our power and what we can achieve together? Together, we can irradicate famine, hunger, homelessness, global warming, global issues that threaten our environments, inequality, hatred among nations, disagreements among reliogeons and wars, and almost anything else that threatens our world. We can bring about world peace, and create a prosperous and healthy world for all to enjoy! Can you imagine the type of world that we can all collaboratively create and live in? Isn’t this a vision worth living for, loving for, and working for? What are you waiting for?


1. Gratitude in Adversity:

Gratitude offers us strength in difficult times. We believe love and compassion can win even in the toughest situations. No matter how tiny, gratitude for life’s gifts strengthens our belief that compassion can conquer hardship.

2. Love as a Catalyst for Change:

According to the Lion Pride Leadership concept, love is a power that is shown via deeds rather than being passive. It is an effective inducer of good transformation. The “1% Leaders” show unconditional love for everyone, embracing all people and the entire planet in addition to their families and communities. Their unwavering commitment to eradicating violence, injustice, and hatred from the globe is strengthened by this unconditional love.

3. Responsibility Across Boundaries:

The “1% Leaders” are steadfast in their conviction that accountability goes beyond one’s own well-being. They are defenders of justice, custodians of peace, and global citizens. It is their responsibility to combat oppression, speak up for the voiceless, and promote understanding in the face of ignorance.

We feel that every person, regardless of background, has the ability to be a “1% Leader” in a world where the activities of the “4%” have taken us to the verge of chaos and catastrophe. It begins with introspection, a readiness to relearn prejudices, and a dedication to empathy. Our guiding principles are compassion as a beacon of hope, education as a means of achieving empowerment, and the guts to speak out against injustice.

1. Education as Empowerment:

The basis for change is education. We dispel ignorance and create understanding by educating both ourselves and other people. Education gives us the ability to think critically, to sympathize, and to picture a peaceful society that values diversity. An educated person is difficult to mislead, deceive, or persuade to carry out acts of hatred motivated by the “4% Leaders.” The cornerstone to achieving harmony, prosperity, and the perfect future society is education.

2. Compassion as a Guiding Light:

Compassion creates connections by bridging gaps and drawing individuals near to one another. By being compassionate and empathic, we break down the barriers that separate us. No matter how tiny, a kind deed spreads throughout society, planting the seeds of harmony and optimism. We honor all living things as much as we love ourselves when we acknowledge their importance in this cycle of life and take steps to ensure their well-being. This sums up what it means to be a “1% Leader.”

3. Courage to Challenge Injustice:

Having the guts to stand up to injustice, tell it like it is, and protect the weak is a must for being a “1% Leader.” Though it is a difficult undertaking, history has demonstrated that a few people’s deeds can spark a revolution in justice and compassion. Being a successful Lion Pride Leader requires having bravery and bravery in the face of fear. Ultimately, we will have to confront our concerns and speak up for what we believe to be right at some point.

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