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Our mission is to work in collaboration with like-minded individuals to bring about world peace and prosperity.  We are striving for a world where peace prevails, the best interest of humanity is always the priority in every decision made, human rights are honored, and what is best for the environment globally is what’s done. 

Our vision is to live in a world in which values of human rights, tolerance, peace & prosperity are a global priority, and always a reality.

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Messiah International Foundation Established in 1998 Stopping Violence and Suffering while Improving Life!

Global Harmony Summits

Putting together international summits with influential, leaders, and thinkers to talk about and advance the “1-For-All Philosophy,” with an emphasis on creating doable plans for promoting harmony and unity throughout the world.

War Tank

The Global Harmony Summits, organized by Messiah International Foundation and modeled after the Lion Pride Leader’s philosophy, are a potent assembly of influential leaders from various industries. Messiah International Foundation members debate topics that represent the “1-For-All Philosophy,” looking at doable tactics to promote world peace and harmony. These summits seek to lead world leaders toward a shared commitment to the wellbeing of our planet, just like a lion pride king protects and shepherds its pride.

Humanitarian Diplomacy Workshops

Teaching leaders the art of humanitarian diplomacy through the teaching of negotiating techniques, conflict resolution techniques, and diplomatic approaches to global concerns and conflict avoidance.

In the spirit of the Lion Pride Leader, Messiah International Foundation’s Humanitarian Diplomacy Workshops give leaders the fundamental abilities they need to successfully negotiate challenging international issues. Participants gain knowledge of successful negotiating tactics, approaches to resolving conflicts, and the craft of diplomatic discourse through interactive workshops. In the same way that a lion pride leader guards its pride, these courses equip leaders to confront global concerns with an emphasis on humanitarian ideals and peaceful remedies.

Street Fight

Youth Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador Program aims to empower young people to campaign for peace by selecting and training them to represent the “1-For-All Philosophy” in their communities, schools, and social circles.

Burn Tank

The Youth Ambassador Program of Messiah International Foundation seeks for and develops young people who are enthusiastic about promoting peace and harmony. It is modeled after the Lion Pride Leader’s dedication to the pride. After receiving specific training, these ambassadors promote the “1-For-All Philosophy” in their neighborhoods, educational institutions, and online communities. The goal of this program is to encourage the next generation to actively support world peace in the same way that a lion pride leader leads and defends its pride.

Interfaith Peacebuilding Initiatives

Encouraging religious leaders to support and actively participate in peacebuilding initiatives by providing funding for initiatives that foster communication and cooperation between various faith communities.

The goal of the Messiah International Foundation’s Interfaith Peacebuilding Initiatives is to create bridges across various religious communities. This function is similar to that of the Lion Pride Leader in preserving unity. The Messiah International Foundation provides funding for initiatives that promote communication, comprehension, and cooperation and unite religious leaders in favor of and active participation in peacebuilding activities. The Messiah International Foundation hopes to unite individuals of different beliefs in a similar way to how a Lion Pride Leader unites its pride through these efforts.

Leadership Roundtable Series

Leadership Roundtable Series: Goal: Arranging roundtable talks with leaders that embody the “1-For-All Philosophy,” offering a forum for exchanging triumphs, difficulties, and ideas on good leadership for world peace.

Inspired by the strength and authority of the Lion Pride Leader, the Leadership Roundtable Series brings together exceptional leaders who uphold the values of the “1-For-All Philosophy.” By open communication, participants learn how to be effective leaders for world peace, exchange success stories, and deal with obstacles. Leaders that are dedicated to creating a positive global effect can draw inspiration from this series, just as the Lion Pride Leader leads and defends their pride.

Community Empowerment Projects

Putting into action initiatives that enable local communities to confront their particular difficulties by uniting and cooperating, with an emphasis on sustainable development and enhancing general well-being.

Similar to the Lion Pride Leader’s emphasis on the welfare of the pride, Messiah International Foundation’s Community Empowerment Projects seek to fortify communities via programs based on the principles of harmony and cooperation. These programs address specific difficulties faced by communities, from sustainable development to improving overall well-being. They promote resilience and a feeling of communal responsibility, much like the Lion Pride Leader looks out for the well-being of its pride.

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Media Campaign for Peace

Starting a media campaign to spread messages of tolerance, peace, and the “1-For-All Philosophy,” using a variety of media platforms to reach a large audience and refute false statements.

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