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Our mission is to work in collaboration with like-minded individuals to bring about world peace and prosperity.  We are striving for a world where peace prevails, the best interest of humanity is always the priority in every decision made, human rights are honored, and what is best for the environment globally is what’s done. 

Our vision is to live in a world in which values of human rights, tolerance, peace & prosperity are a global priority, and always a reality.

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Welcome to Messiah International Foundation, A non-profit organization dedicated to fostering global peace, tolerance, and understanding.

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Let's collaborate to bring about a
"Prosperous World of Peace"!

Messiah International Foundation initially incorporated in 1998 is a non-political, neutral, global, humanitarian entity, “dedicated to maintenance of international peace and security among nations”. While United Nations, which was “created in 1945, following the devastation of the Second World War, with the central mission of the maintenance of international peace and security, among nations”, politically works with governments “to prevent conflicts” and “deploys peacekeepers”, to “create conditions that allow peace to flourish”, Messiah International promotes peace through humanitarian means. Messiah International focuses on the promotion of peace, by rising above governments, politics, and various self-serving agendas of the times, and focuses on one thing, and that is the protection of every human being, and our world.

Messiah International understands that there are self-serving political agendas, that affect decisions that are made by governments and leaders, which ultimately can affect the course of actions taken by any particular government, or its leaders.

However, from the viewpoint of Messiah International Foundation, humanity and global interest dictate to always make decisions, devoid of political interests, and always making those decisions that are the most appropriate decisions for the best interest of humanity, and global interest as a whole (the individuals involved, as well as the world around them).

At Messiah International Foundation, our clear goal is to help people all over the world find peace & prosperity, by coming together and getting help. Based on love, solidarity, and respect for all, we wish to make the world a better place without violence and war.

Like the UN, we strive to solve the world’s biggest problems that threaten world peace, global prosperity, and planetary wellness.

Relying on collaboration with various like-minded entities, including but not limited to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, charities, governmental agencies, and philanthropists, worldwide, we intend to go beyond the problems that have made traditional political organizations such as the UN less effective, though. The United Nations was meant to be a neutral and independent body, but we know how hard it is for any organization to remain completely neutral in every way when constant political, financial, and other pressures are being exerted on it. Our goal is to get past these problems and work even harder to achieve our common goal of world peace & prosperity through humanitarian means rather than political approaches.

Messiah International’s position will always remain that of the “Lion Pride Leader”, being “The Protection of the Entire Pride, and its Territory”. The pride is, “the Entire Humankind, while the Territory is the entire Planet Earth, its Nature, Existence, Well-Being, and All Living Things!”

Promoting Tolerance

Promoting tolerance to prevent hatred, violence, and war
The mission of the Messiah International Foundation is to combat violence and division in the world, most of which are created in the name of religion or ideology. We are striving for a world where peace prevails and everyone is protected from violence without exception.
Education and Compassion

Fostering global accountability for humanity's welfare
Messiah International promotes the concept of Lion Pride Leadership & Compassion. A concept built based on the style of leadership of the Alpha Lion Pride Leader, protecting, serving, and being accountable towards the welfare of the entire pride!
Preventing World War-III

We need your help connecting us to the right influencers!
The world powers seem to be preparing to engage in a global confrontation that could lead to a nuclear holocaust. We wish to unite and prevent this! Join Us!
Join Our Cause

As caring leaders, we must collaborate for humanity's welfare.
In a time of global conflict preparation against the Anti-Humanity Army, risking World War III, we seek your support to counter their destructive ideologies. Join us for peace!


There are no justifications for killing of innocent men, women and children, regardless of their religious beliefs, or their culture! Don’t you agree?

But when the doctrine of a group, in the name of God, and supported by religious leaders, promotes the annihilation of another group of people, in this case, the Jews, and war, then of course the paradox makes one wonder, how can this be? How can God order the mass murder and annihilation of an entire nation? How can waging war in the name of God, promising a better future with peace after millions of individuals have been killed, make sense?

Ideal World Vision

Messiah International Foundation strives for a world free from violence by fostering unity and promoting tolerance among all. Join us in this noble quest for peace and prosperity.

Humanitarian Actions

Messiah International Foundation strengthens humanity through acts of compassion, nurturing unity, and safeguarding the well-being of all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.

Protecting Everyone's Interests

Messiah International Foundation is committed to protecting the interests of all people, promoting tolerance, and confronting the harm perpetrated by Anti-Humanity 2% Leaders.

Our Founder and Mission

Messiah International Foundation was founded by Dr. Daniel  Davidson on February 24, 1998, based on the spiritual “1-For-All Philosophy”, of loving others; and for the purpase of propagation of one’s sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the whole planet! Based on this philosophy, children are to be raised to become truly descent individuals, expected to feel a responsibility towards the whole. By whole it’s meant the welfare of the entire planet. This is the basis of our philosophy. We believe if this becomes the norm, world peace is inevitable, while our planet and people will enjoy an eternal state of wellness and prosperity. Any teaching that would be in direct conflict with this spiritual philosophy is most likely one that its propagation is best prevented by a global humanitarian, neutral, nonpolitical coalition as soon as possible. 

Join the Messiah International Foundation

For World Peace

At Messiah International, we proudly endeavor to spread the “1-For-All Philosophy & Tolerance Ideology” for the sake of global welfare! We extend a warm invitation to you to become a part of this transformative journey. Our world stands on the precipice of potential disaster, with global powers arming themselves for a conflict that could easily escalate into World War III, a war fought with nuclear weapons, threatening the lives of billions. In this crucial time, it is our mission and responsibility to urgently prepare our world to focus back on establishing lasting global peace. Your involvement can make a significant difference. Would you join us?

We Must Prevent World War III!

World War III Has The Potential To Annihilate The World & Humnity!

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Confronting the Dark Side of Humanity:

An Urgent Call to Action

Why does violence in the name of religion, or for any other reason, persist? Why is the spread of hateful ideology encouraging violence, bloodshed, destruction, and war by various leaders not prevented by a global coalition? Politics, partialities, and financial agendas have no place in decision-making when it comes to world peace and humanitarian welfare! What is good for the world and humanity must always be the priority! There are no exceptions, and this can happen through a strong humanitarian coalition of neutral, humanitarian, powerful, unwavering leaders who live by the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, putting the best interest of the world and Humanity First!

Join us in unveiling the stark realities and questioning the state of our current global leadership. Support our commitment to change. Let’s collaborate to bring about a “Prosperous World of Peace”!

Join Our Cause:

Together, We Make a Difference. Let’s collaborate to bring about a “Prosperous World of Peace”!

We’re actively recruiting leaders for our Lion Pride army. Will you stand with us? Join the mission to end bloodshed and create a harmonious world.

Our Responsibility As "Lion Pride Leaders":

Standing For The Whole

We are leaders with a mission to halt atrocities, protect all of humanity, and strive for world peace. Our aim is to transcend differences for global harmony.
Join Our Movement!

“1-For-All Philosophy”, represents the concept of selfless devotion of one person to the welfare of the entire planet. “1-For-All Philosophy” is The True Essence of Spirituality, and its “The Litmus Test of a Humanitarian Ideology vs. an Anti-Humanity Philosophy”! A leader who is a proponent of this philosophy, is devoted to the welfare of the Whole Planet, while on the contrary, a leader who is encouraging the ideology of hatred, war and destruction, by our definition would be classified as “Anti-humanity”!  “1% Leaders” are those leaders who follow the “1-For-All Philosophy”. We call this “Lion Pride Leadership”. Just as a lion pride leader leads and protects his entire pride, these 1%-type leaders following the Lion Pride Leader Philosophy, too lead and protect their entire pride (“the whole”) with strength, responsibility, and authority.

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Ways to Support and Get

Involved with Messiah International

If you resonate with our mission and the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, there are several ways you can support and get involved with Messiah International:

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Lion Pride Leadership

And Human Responsibility

In a world marked by diversity, individual preferences, and constant change, the “1-For-All Philosophy” offers a unique lens through which we can explore our shared responsibilities of leadership, humane behavior & positive global coalitions which are necessary to achieve a harmonious world, and a state of planetary stability as well as world peace.

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"1-For-All Philosophy"

Leading to World Peace

At Massiah International, the concept of the “1-For-All Philosophy” symbolizes our collective responsibility towards the broader community. In a world where our interconnectedness becomes more evident each day, we must recognize our duty to the majority, encompassing all of humanity.

 Being a “Lion Pride Leader” & an advocate of the “1-For-All Philosophy”

Just as the dominant lions who lead their prides in nature with a sense of responsibility for the whole,  protecting the group from external threats, maintaining order, and ensuring the survival and prosperity of the entire pride, we, as “Lion Pride (type) Leaders”, strive to safeguard the well-being of the whole, transcending boundaries of religion, color, creed, race, gender, and all other distinctions.

The “Lion Pride Philosophy” represents this sense of responsibility innate in a lion born to lead a pride in nature, a true leader embracing the “1-For-All Philosophy”.

The 95%, 4%, 1% Philosophy:

Let's strive to be the 1% to bring about a "Prosperous World of Peace"!

Within the 95%, 4%, and 1% Philosophy, the 4% represents those who are always in the pursuit of excellence and the aspiration to achieve greatness. They work to become the best versions of themselves.

However, within the 4%, there are two groups, the 2% are the “Humanitarian” leaders, and the other 2% are potentially “Anti-Humanitarians”! We hope to encourage and inspire all of the 4% of leaders to always lead by thinking, acting, and voting in the best interest of humanity and the world!

The remaining 1% become the Lion Pride Leaders. Just as the strongest and most capable lions care for the welfare of the pride, for the whole and its territory, taking charge of its safety and well-being, the 1% of individuals in our society can aim to uphold the standards of humanity at all times, following the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy.

Regardless of our past, we all have the potential to be one of the 1%. Let’s all strive to be one of the 1%, following the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, protecting pride and its territory (humanity and the world)!  

Arm Force

Embracing the “1%-Lion Pride Leadership” Philosophy


In a world marred by apathy and corruption, the Lion Pride Leaders strive to stand for the welfare of humanity and the world. Their unwavering commitment to love, unity, and global welfare paints a picture of a better world for all— a world where everyone can rise above their circumstances and lead with their hearts, just like the Lion Pride Leaders.


The 1% Leaders: Embracing the Lion Pride Philosophy in a World of Injustice, Eliminating the Darkness:

The Reign of the 2% In the heart of conflict-ridden regions of the world where war and bloodshed over financial interests, political agendas, and ideological differences have been a daily occurrence, the role of the 2% and their effect on the rest of the society becomes painfully evident. The 2% are driven by self-righteous belief in one’s ideology, power, greed, and an insatiable thirst for control.  By their manipulative leadership practices, they mobilize the masses to perpetuate violence, bloodshed, and suffering. In the name of religion, politics, or sheer malevolence, innocent lives are lost daily.

Whatever the innocent victims’ color, religion, or belief, nothing justifies violence against unarmed civilians; and throughout history, wars over differences in race, ideology, and religion stand as a haunting example where lives are torn asunder, and the world watches, seemingly oblivious or helpless.


For various agendas, such as the reestablishment of historical glory, geographic borders, natural resources, or in the name of faith, even the sacred is desecrated. The purity, innocence, and vulnerability of children, as a direct result of the self-serving ideologies of others, the self-righteous entitlement beliefs, and the cruelty around them, become victims of extremist ideologies regularly. In the twisted minds of the “Anti-Humanitarian 2%”, their lives become expendable, sacrificed on the altar of intolerance. The world witnesses these tragedies, yet the voices of the “1% Leaders” are drowned amidst the cacophony of hatred.


The Light in the Shadows: The 1% Leaders


Amidst this darkness, the “1% Leaders” emerge as the voice for humanity and the world. They are the healers, the educators, the peacekeepers. These remarkable individuals refuse to succumb to the despair that engulfs their surroundings. Instead, they channel their pain and anger into a force for good.


  1. Malala Yousafzai: A Warrior for Education

Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl, stood up against the Taliban’s oppression, championing the right to education for girls. Despite a brutal attack on her life, she emerged stronger, her voice resonating globally. Malala became a symbol of resilience, inspiring countless others to embrace the power of education and empathy.


  1. Leymah Gbowee: A Nobel Peace Laureate

Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian peace activist, mobilized women against the violence of civil war. Her unwavering determination led to peace talks and, eventually, the end of the conflict. Her story illustrates the extraordinary strength found in unity and the courage to stand against oppression.


  1. Leyla Hussein: A Defender of Women’s Rights

Leyla Hussein, a Somali-born British psychotherapist, campaigns against female genital mutilation (FGM) and advocates for women’s rights. Through her organization, she empowers survivors and educates communities, challenging harmful traditions and paving the way for change. 




Embracing the Lion Pride Philosophy: A Call to Action The Lion Pride Philosophy, embodied by the 1% Leaders, emphasizes the core values of gratitude, love, and responsibility. It calls upon individuals to rise above the darkness, acknowledge the suffering, and actively engage in creating a better world.



  1. Gratitude in Adversity

In the face of adversity, the “1% Leaders” find strength in gratitude. They are thankful for life’s blessings, no matter how meager, and they channel this gratitude into resilience. Even in the direst circumstances, they hold onto the belief that kindness and compassion can prevail.


  1. Love as a Catalyst for Change

Love, in the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, is not passive but a potent catalyst for change. The 1% Leaders love unconditionally—not just their families and communities but humanity as a whole. This all-encompassing love fuels their determination to eradicate hatred, injustice, and violence from the world.


  1. Responsibility Beyond Borders

The Lion Pride Leaders recognize their responsibility extends beyond personal welfare. They are global citizens, stewards of peace, and champions of justice. They take it upon themselves to speak for the voiceless, to stand against tyranny, and to nurture understanding in the face of ignorance.




We invite you to accept the Challenge to Embrace the 1% Leader Within! 


In a world marred by the actions of the “2% Anti-Humanitarian Leaders”, the call to embrace the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy becomes more urgent than ever. 


Each individual, regardless of their background, possesses the potential to be a “Lion Pride – 1% Leader”. 


It starts with self-reflection, a willingness to unlearn biases, and a commitment to empathy.


To Become a Lion Pride Leader, the Step One is to Commit to Constant & Never-Ending Self-Education.


Self-Education as empowerment to make a change is the first step. Education is the cornerstone of change. By constantly educating yourself, challenging old beliefs that create biases, encourage separation between you and others, instead learning the truth and not blindly accepting what you are told by “Anti-Humanitarian Leaders”, you can change your life, and the world for the better. 


Change those beliefs that create mental biases, prejudice, hatred and then start educating others, challenge ignorance, build bridges of understanding, promote tolerance, love, and peace. 


Education empowers us to question, empathize, and envision a harmonious world where diversity is celebrated.



The Step Two is to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!

We must use compassion as a guiding light. Follow the GOLDEN RULE, the principle of doing to others as you wish done onto you. Love your neighbor as yourself. The path to world peace is through unity, love, and peace. Peace and love are light. War and hatred are darkness. To make wars and the darkness disappear, we need to inject light, which is love. Only light makes the darkness disappear, so too, only love makes hatred and war end, leading to world peace. Compassion bridges separations, bringing people closer to each other, and fostering connection. By practicing empathy and kindness, we dismantle the walls that divide us. Every act of compassion, no matter how small, ripples through society, sowing seeds of hope and unity.


WORLD PEACE COMES ABOUT BY GLOBALLY EMRACING LOVE, WHILE TEACHING LION PRIDE LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY IN ALL COMMUNITIES! This philosophy should most likely be part of school curriculum from the earliest stages of education.






By collaborating and following the Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy as “Lion Pride – 1% – Leaders”, we all can become leaders of positive change, bringing about a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy world for ourselves and our future generations.


Today, the times beckon every soul to rise above indifference, to transcend the boundaries of religion, nationality, and race, and to embrace the inherent goodness that unites humanity. 


There is a spark of goodness and light in all of us. In all humanity, the “anti-humanity 2% leaders”, and the other 98%; in 100% of us. 


We must have the courage to look inside, and search for it. It is there. Through that light, we can enlighten the world, eliminate darkness and love others!


The “1% Leaders” are not mythical creatures; they are ordinary individuals, like each of us, who choose to respond to the world’s darkness with the light of the torch of love within, that unwavering light, and share that light with others. Within us lies the power to change the world, with one action at a time. 



The greatest positive changes start with one committed decision, followed by a series of committed actions toward the intended end of bringing about a prosperous, peaceful, healthy world. 



Let us embark on this transformative journey together, hand in hand, and decide to become the positive change we wish to see in this world. World Peace is One Decision Away! Join us!

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The Path to World Peace

"1-For-All Philosophy"

“1-For-All Philosophy”, represents the concept of selfless devotion of one person to the welfare of the entire planet. “1-For-All Philosophy” is The True Essence of Spirituality, and its “The Litmus Test of a Humanitarian Ideology vs. an Anti-Humanity Philosophy”! A leader who is a proponent of this philosophy, is devoted to the welfare of the the Whole Planet, while on the contrary, a leader who is encouraging the ideology of hatred, war and destruction, by our definition would be classified as “Anti-humanity”!  “1% Leaders” are those leaders who follow the “1-For-All Philosophy”. We call this “Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy”. Just as a lion pride leader leads and protects his entire pride, these leaders too lead and protect their entire pride (“the whole”) with strength, responsibility, and authority.

The 1%:

The Essence

Of Leadership

While the 95% underscores our collective responsibility and the 4% emphasizes the pursuit of excellence, the 1% embodies the essence of leadership itself. Lion pride leadership represents the strength, responsibility, and authority that leaders must possess to protect and guide their pride.

"Spreading Wings of Peace:
The Flight of Messiah International Foundation"

At Messiah International Foundation, our clear goal is to help people all over the world find peace, come together, and get help. Based on love, solidarity, and respect for all, we wish to make the world a better place without violence and war.


Like the UN, we solve the world’s biggest problems with people worldwide. We want to go beyond the problems that have made traditional foreign organizations less useful, though. The United Nations was meant to be a neutral and independent body, but we know how hard it is for it to stay that way when political pressures are put on it. Our goal is to get past these problems and work even harder to achieve our common goal of world peace.

"Unity in Diversity:
Weaving Threads of Understanding"

Soldiers in Street

Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy

A Model for Humanity The Lion Pride Leadership Philosophy, as articulated by Messiah International Foundation, draws parallels between the natural order of leadership in the animal kingdom, particularly within lion prides, and the responsibilities of leaders in human society. This philosophy encompasses the 95%, 4%, and 1% model, each representing

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Lady in War

Dark Side of Human Behavior

Religiously Instigated Violence The intricate pattern of human conduct is woven with both good and bad threads. Although people are born with the ability to empathize, be compassionate, and work together, they also have a darker side that takes the form of violence, hatred, and divisive ideas. This conversation explores

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Our Responsibility as Lion Pride Leaders

Responsibility as Leaders of the Lion Pride The Messiah International Foundation embodies the Lion Pride Leadership philosophy, which lays a strong focus on the duties that come with being a leader. Under this theory, leaders are seen as Lion Pride Leaders, people who lead and protect the community as a

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